Network services

Wired local area networks (LAN) and wireless local area networks (WLAN) are a set of technologies that provide interconnection for local systems with services depending on the needs of the equipped sites. In this area, Selectel offers a number of solutions in the following areas :

  • Wiring, first step towards the computer network (cat. 5e/6/7 and optical),
  • Wireless network (Wifi),
  • ADSL, SDSL and fibre optic Internet access,
  • Active product: router, switch,…
  • Network deployment, VPN
  • Outsourcing,
  • Server, virtualization, TSE,
  • Data storage solution.

Un projet adapté à vos utilisations

Optical fiber

In telecommunications, optical fibre is used to transmit information, be it telephone conversations, images or data.

Internet / VPN

In computer networks and telecommunications, the virtual private network (VPN) is seen as an extension of local networks and preserves the logical security that one can have in a local network.

Managed Operations

Outsourcing is the outsourcing of part of its services, i.e. all or part of the management of the information system to a third party IT service provider.

Info/Storage Solution

We will offer you the solution best suited to your needs: Printer, Storage, Maintenance, Security, Antivirus.

Solutions fiable, pérennes & évolutives


Our LAN equipment applies to all sizes of organizations, from microenterprises to multinational company departments. Thanks to our computer solutions, you can easily connect several terminals: computers, servers, printers, internet modem, telephony, IP telephony,…


The growing needs of corporate networks in terms of mobility, speed of implementation and flexibility of use, have encouraged the development of local wireless networks to extend access to existing infrastructure and meet a need for mobility and/or difficulty of access to stations.


Because telephone, computer and video communications need reliable support, we pay particular attention to the realization of a Voice / Data / Image Wiring system. We analyze the need by taking into account your environment, the existing, and the constraints of your site.