Only one offer…everything is clear

Our solution is clear, no hidden costs, no surprises. You choose the material of your choice and we take care of the rest. You benefit from a simple invoice and without obligation, you are free!



All the functions of a standard are available and more, simple to use, simple to administer

User workstations

Whether you are a switchboard operator or user, find your usual functionalities

Telephone switchboard

Your telephony scalable and complete. Enjoy the best standard on the market.


A proven, reliable technical solution that guarantees service quality

Fast set up

You set up your phones and are ready for your first calls in minutes

Broadband Internet access

Surf at high speed on all your stations

State-of-the-art infrastructure

We deploy our solution on modern, robust and secure equipment. You benefit from a recognized and experienced maintenance team.

A private network dedicated exclusively to your telephone communications

Choose your telephone sets

Whatever your use, you will find the workstation that suits you, designed, reliable and easy to use. Whatever the use of your phone, we have selected for you equipment with a refined design, combining reliability and ergonomics, simple daily, adapted to your needs.

Pourquoi choissir les solutions SELECTEL

Nos multi-compétences

Grâce à un seul interlocuteur, nos clients accèdent à diverses solutions pour un gain de temps et d’argent.

Des solutions sur mesure

Nos clients optimisent davantage leurs investissements en bénéficiant de solutions fiables et évolutives.

La réactivité des services

Afin d’assurer la performance et la disponibilité de nos clients, nous traitons réactivement les demandes.

Des offres compétitives

En phase avec les offres du marché, nous apportons de la valeur ajoutée aux entreprises à prix compétitifs.