25 years of expertise in low and high voltage sector

Selectel owes its durability and its progress to its expertise, and to its values based on listening, advice and proximity. Today, Selectel has more than 50 employees organized in 3 branches (Paris, Agen, Brussels).

It is also an expert subsidiary in lighting: Lighting451 specializes in lighting design thanks to its integrated design office, luminaire assembly workshop and distribution logistics platform.

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Selectel History :

  • 1993, creation of the company
  • 1999, acquisition of sercomtel
  • 2001, creation of the Convergence group (the leading French group of integrators)
  • 2015, opening of our Selectel benelux agency based in Brussels
  • 2017 acquisition of Setelma covering the New Aquitaine region

Évolution Chiffre d’Affaires (en M€) – Prévisions pour 2017 – 2018

Integrator in Telecommunication services

Under this generic term are hidden many activities as diverse as varied, but always turned towards communications.
Audit, consulting, sales, study, implementation, installation and maintenance are the daily tasks of our teams, capable of carrying out your project from start to finish.

From the new installation in new premises to the updating of existing equipment, passing by the re-equipment to new, we control all the phases of each operation in order to guarantee an optimal quality of our services.

Our areas of expertise also cover every process.

Our strong point is our lead in the Voice over IP (VoIP) sector, which enables us to network several remote sites around the world.